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Oct 27, 2013 8:00pm PDT
the former n-b-a star. in it, o'neal praises christie for his economic and educational policies. voters in the state head to the polls on november fifth. we're the biggest economy in the world.and some say, the most powerful. but a new study says we americans fall short on gender equality. zain asher has the story. forget the battle of men versus women. it's the u-s versus the world. and we're not doing too well when it comes to gender equality. the world economic forum looked at where men and women are most equal, and ranked 136 countries. number one? iceland. followed by other nordic countries like finland, norway, and sweden. but if you're looking for the u-s, we're not even in the top ten. nicaragua is ahead of us. so is cuba. the u-s doesn't even make the top twenty. to find us, you have to go all the way down number 23. last year, the u-s was number 22. so we've dropped. the u-s gets high marks for economic opportunity. specifically, there are more women in the work force, and pay is better than in other countries. the u-s also scores high on education for women. but the country f
Oct 30, 2013 8:00pm PDT
with not having the equipment to make the students half computer skills and better education that they could it receives ".in our school". >> catherine: a parent- teacher group may now launch yet another fundraiser. san jose police are investigating. >> catherine: tonight - family members are talking about the teacher who was killed in nevada earlier this month - while trying to protect his students from a student with a gun. >> catherine: police say say 12-year-old jose reyes shot and killed two adults and injured two students -- before killing himself at a nevada middle school. one of the victims - michael landsberry >> catherine: his wife is now talking about how she'll remember him. kristen remington has the story. "he was my world. and i was his." sharon and michael landsberry shared a love not everyone gets to experience. admired even by their daughters. >> reporter:they were married five years. and every morning before michael would leave for work, he'd make sure to remind sharon how much he loved her -- even if she was still asleep. "the coffee would be ready, he'd get my coffee cup
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2